About The Company.

LifeAid™ is a company that specializes in the safety and security of the independent senior, seniors housing, healthcare, and industrial markets in North America. Our LifeAid™ Tenant Emergency Response Service (TERS) is designed to allow property owners and management to optimize there effectiveness, their efficiency, and competitiveness.Our safe, reliable, and flexible system can be tailored to meet any facility's needs, from hospitals to airports. A combination of reliable, innovative hardware, brilliant staff, and affordable prices result in a solution that is second to none.

We are currently working on the design of a Nurse Call solution that will not only provide a high quality communications solution but also provide health care workers instant data formatted to provide them with the information they need to make critical decisions and manage their time and facilities better.

LifeAid™ is the registered trademark property of ALI – Assurance Logistics Inc.

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About The Product.

In response to a growing need in senior’s housing, for an affordable Tenant emergency response system, LifeAid’s Tenant Emergency Response Service (TERS) brings to the market, a first-of-its-kind wireless system. TERS is designed to provide seniors with a state-of-the-art response system in the event of crisis. Individuals are provided with a water-resistant, wireless pendant, which, when pressed, transmits a 128 bit AES encrypted signal to a tamper proof Master Control Unit or MCU. When the MCU receives a pendent press event it will:

  • Contact the individual to verify the emergency - this process also prevents false alarms.
  • If the call for EMS is not cancelled, the MCU contacts LifeAid’s ULC partner, SecurTek Monitoring Solutions who then notifies the EMS for the tenants geographical area.
  • LifeAid’s MCU will also forward the EMS any medical information on file via SMS or Email, as well as notify the facilities management team of the incident

Behind The Scenes.

LifeAid also provides the facility with it’s world class software package which has the following features:

  • Secure access to LifeAid’s Web Admin Tool:
    • Access your admin tool from any system within your network
    • View your tenant database
    • Add/Delete/Edit tenant information
    • Custom notification of pendant presence. Is the pendant off-site? If so, why?
    • Low battery level notification
    • Customize which reports your wish to see, and who you wish to see them
  • LifeAid’s proprietary Watchdog program monitors your complete site’s health 24/7/365. In the event of any type of hardware failure. LifeAid’s staff is notified immediately. Uptime, Reliability is OUR N#1 concern so it doesn’t have to be yours.
  • Backups are stored offsite using LifeAid hosting partner GoDaddy. No tapes, no hassles, and your data is always safe!
  • LifeAid’s hardware is built with battery backup, providing your tenants with coverage up to 4 hours after a power outage.

Finally, the LifeAid’s Tenant Emergency Response Service (TERS) will provide blanket coverage over all areas of the building including parking garage, storage areas and the grounds perimeter. Giving your tenants the confidence, and comfort of knowing they’re safe no matter where they are in the premise.

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